Why Glidex® Works

Glidex has been designed to make the work and quality of professional window cleaning easier to deliver. It is based on extensive programs of ergonomic research. It is built using superior materials that suit professional requirements better than other available systems and it is manufactured to exacting quality standards and specifications using custom-built plant. Glidex is manufactured and guaranteed by Raven Products Pty Ltd, an ISO 9001:2000 quality assured company.

Ergonomically Speaking
Professional window cleaning is demanding physical work. Equipment that is ill-balanced, awkward to grip or uncomfortable to use can build up damaging levels of strain in the operator. Glidex is designed to balance the weight of the channel head to the glass, which results in a little less energy spent with every sweep. The fingers receive extra support in the handgrip,
a fact well appreciated by the cleaners who trialled Glidex. Every operational action, the lengthening of an extension pole, the rotation of the T-bar swivel handle or the switching of a blade has been carefully studied and designed so that it can be carried out with routine ease–even when you are 40 floors up.

Material Gain
Many existing systems still employ brass in castings and moving parts or inferior plastic compounds that do not possess sufficient mechanical strength or durability. Glidex is made from aircraft grade aluminium and hi-impact Nylon 66–light but incredibly tough and long-lasting. All moving parts are made from self-lubricating hi-density polymer, which will remain smooth and unworn through thousands of operations (unlike traditional brass fittings). The greatest and most important difference is in the Glidex squeegee blade. The high quality rubber-based compound is the result of years of rigorous testing to establish exactly the right balance between durability and ease of use while maintaining a perfect streak-free edge. This unique compound is not simply moulded but slit under high pressure to unrivalled and exacting standards of true finish, using purpose-built equipment. Other blades, literally, don’t come close.

World patents and design registrations pending.