Glidex® Products

The Glidex system includes a wide selection of products. Channels, poles and squeegee handles are sold separately and all Glidex swivel handle squeegees and T-bar washers can be used with competing brand poles. It is also possible to retrofit other brand poles with the Glidex tapered end fitting. Shown below is part of our range; please refer to specifications for full details. For any enquiries, please contact your local distributor or call us.

Glidex squeegee swivel handles and channels

shown fitted to a Glidex extension pole

Glidex extension poles
available in lengths from 0.6m–6.7m (2ft-22ft). Glidex poles also have a unique fluted grip design that provides a safer grip and greater comfort to the user.
A tough, contoured end grip gives added comfort also when poling for long periods.

Glidex squeegee shown fitted to a Glidex extension pole utilising the Safe-Connect
TM feature.

Glidex T-bar swivel washer

available in five widths from 250mm–910mm (10”–36”).
All Glidex swivel washers have the unique
Safe-Connect99 feature for use with Glidex poles.

Glidex rubber squeegee blades

available in 12 lengths from 150mm–910mm (6” –36”).

Glidex ultra-stiff alloy channels

available in 12 lengths from 150mm–910mm (6” –36”).

The swivel action is standard on all squeegee handles and T-bar washers.

NB: Channels, rubbers, handles, poles and all connector fittings are available separately

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